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undesirable sites are actually our main tools - how to reclassify?

RichardP Nov 30, 2016 12:48PM PST

Sites we use everyday such as,, etc are showing as 'allowed undesirable sites' when they are in fact indicators of productivty. I can't see where/how I can change/reclassify these?

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Fastvue Nov 30, 2016 04:21PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey Richard,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

SonicWALL is doing the classification of websites into categories, and Fastvue Reporter for SonicWALL is grouping those categories into Productive, Unproductive, Acceptable and Unacceptable. You can configure this in *Settings | Productivity*.

But first you'll need to find out what category SonicWALL is classifying these sites as. To do this:
1. Go to *Reports* and click *Overview Report*
2. Select yesterday as the date range and click OK
3. When the report finishes, go to the *Productivity | Unproductive Browsing By Site* section. Here you should the sites you mention.
4. Click the 'Clean (off)' button above the list of sites. Here you'll see the Category for each website.

If you consider the categories to be acceptable and/or productive, simply head to *Settings | Productivity* and drag/drop them into the correct list, then click *Save Productivity Settings* in the top right corner.

If you believe the sites have been incorrectly categorised, follow the steps in this SonicWALL's KB article to categorize your site domains into one of SonicWALL's existing categories such as 'Business and Economy':

I hope this helps! Let us know how you go.

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RichardP Dec 01, 2016 04:58PM PST
Hi Scott,

So if I look at, the site classifies it as Category 27: Information Technology/Computers but in Fastvue (using technique abov) it comes up as not rated.

I do have it in my CFS policy as an allowed domain though - would that cause this behaviuor?
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Fastvue Dec 01, 2016 05:56PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey Richard,

This could be dropped or forbidden traffic that is not making it into SonicWALL's CFS feature, so SonicWALL is not categorising it.

Also, CFS works on the entire URL, not just the domain, so perhaps CFS is having a hard time on a specific Microsoft URL.

Can you:
1. Go to *Reports* and select *Activity Report*
2. Enter the following filter:
Origin Domain 'Equal to'
Category 'Equal to' Not Rated
3. Select today as the date range (or yesterday) and click Run Report
4. The report will show all user sessions to to where the Category is Not Rated. Click the rows in the report to show full URL details, including the SonicWALL 'Action' (Dropped, Allowed, Blocked etc).

You can then check the 'full url' against SonicWALL's CFS database.

If you're interested in the differences between dropped, forbidden and blocked firewall actions, see:

If the Activity Report is blank, then this means it is all non-web traffic, and the IP addresses in the firewall connection have resolved to This traffic is not going through CFS.

If you determine that this is not traffic you want to see in your Overview Reports, then you can filter it out in a variety of ways. Here's some filters you might want to consider:
*Action* 'Equal to' Allowed, Blocked (hopefully just includes web traffic going through CFS)
*Category* 'Not equal to' Not Rated (removes everything that CFS failed to categorise, including non-web traffic)
*Event Message* 'Equal to' #Web site hit (removes just non-web traffic)

I hope this helps! Let me know how you go.

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Fastvue Dec 08, 2016 08:46PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey Richard,

I'm just checking in to see how everything is going with Fastvue Reporter? Did the steps in my last response help get to the bottom of the categorisation issue?

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!


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